My name is Sanjidah and I started Psychotherabee in 2020 as a platform for sharing everything I learn about the mind in its infinite quirkiness. Humans are so complex and so delicate, and I’m enjoying learning so much about the intricacies of who we are. I couldn’t think of a better way to consolidate this knowledge than starting a blog about it!

More personally, I am an aspiring psychotherapist. I have a Certificate in Counselling Skills and I am embarking on further training to improve my skills and qualify as a psychotherapist. I will someday set up my own wellbeing clinic where I will apply for grants so I can offer personal and group therapy and mindfulness to people for a reduced fee in the hopes of making therapy as it should be – accessible to all.

I hope you will join me on my journey and perhaps learn a thing or two you weren’t aware of before!

All commissioned artwork on this website is by Joe Inkpen: facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | website


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